Corporate photography is my speciality

Your event perfectly visualised

The events you organise with your company are extremely important for your image. At those moments, you have to be there. Make a good impression on your staff and score with your customers; that's what counts. Evocative images and impressive photos ensure that you will relive that moment for a long time to come. You also like to use them on your social media so that even those who were not there can still enjoy them and see what you and your company are capable of.

Corporate photography, my speciality

If you hire an expert in corporate photography, such as Cofre Fotografie in Ostend, you can calmly focus on your employees and your customers during the presentation or event. In the meantime, I capture all prominent images accurately on the hot plate. This way you get to see a nice overview of all the beautiful moments afterwards, so you can enjoy them together with your people. Moreover, you can use these images to put your company extra in the spotlight!

People buy people

Your customers regularly work with you and your employees and want to know who is hiding behind names and positions. It is, therefore, a good idea to organise a photoshoot in which your employees literally show themselves from their best side. This way, you will always have professional images at your disposal that you can use on your website and print in your company brochure. In this way, you and your company come across professionally and you work on a smooth image..

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Staff and owners only
Internal operation (machinery, handling and finishing products, mood photos)
Staff and owners and internal operation (machinery, handling and finishing products, mood photos)
Products (extra price according to agreement)
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