Spectacular festival photos

Your festival in the spotlight

With Cofre Fotografie, I turned my hobby into myprofession. During your vibrant festival, I blend in with the crowd with the greatest of pleasure and take original, creative and memorable photos. In this way, I capture your event for eternity, and you will look back with great satisfaction on your successful festival.

Your festival comes to life

Festival life is a different way of life. Relaxing and enjoying is the message. That relaxed atmosphere shines through in the photos I take. I pay attention to all the expressive aspects that colour your festival: performances, audience and backstage. This way, the photo reportage I make for you is a beautiful reflection of an equally beautiful festival experience..

Performances in the picture

Are you planning a special act or performance during your festival? Then, of course, I will also focus my lens on the action on stage and make sure that all emotions are reflected in all the photo material that I produce for you.

Would you like to see your festival atmosphere revived afterwards on the eloquent photographic material that I create for you??

Then get in touch with me! I will gladly make time to go through all the options with you.

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