Your most beautiful day immortalised in style

Need an experienced wedding photographer? I am at your service!

When you decide to get married, you want your most beautiful day to take place in the best possible conditions. You invest in a top location, take care of everything down to the last detail and do everything you can to make it an unforgettable day. This, of course, includes a wedding photographer who will preserve your most beautiful day for eternity. With Cofre Fotografie, I have witnessed a whole series of weddings over the past 22 years, all of which I captured creatively and originally on film.

Experience and creativity

Thanks to my spontaneous and humorous approach, I quickly put everyone at ease in front of the lens. And that is often necessary because many people are not used to standing in front of a professional lens. Bride and groom, family members and friends; I will direct your most beautiful day in a spontaneous and creative way. That way, you can rest assured, because no matter how fast it all seems to go, I will capture all the beautiful images for you. This way, you can look back on your most beautiful day in a fun way. And you will enjoy it for a long time to come when you look back at the collection of fine, moving and spontaneous images..

Be professionally guided

You do everything to have your wedding day run smoothly. Therefore, leave nothing to chance and choose an experienced wedding photographer. I have 22 years of experience and will go to any length to immortalise your most beautiful day in spontaneous and creative images that still evoke the necessary emotions afterwards.

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Preparation of the bride and arrival of the bridegroom
Ceremony at the city hall
Ceremony at church or religious building
Official wedding photo
Reception and arrival of guests
Evening party until 2 hours after the cutting of the cake or the opening dance (whichever comes last)